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About EduLeader & Effective Meeting Management Online Training

EduLeader was developed by Stuart Levine & Associates LLC, an industry leader with over 20 years of experience guiding CEOs and senior leadership teams in strategy, strategic implementation, productivity, leadership development, change management, governance and strengthening organizational cultures. EduLeader provides an interactive digital learning experience that increases both organizational capacity and individual leadership to achieve results.

The material in the courses created and delivered by EduLeader have been tested over two decades by Stuart Levine & Associates through instructor-led training within successful organizations such as The Howard Hughes Corporation, Montefiore Medical Center and Vytra Health Plans.  At Vytra, our programs assisted in the creation of a customer-focused culture.  Prior to their merger with HIP, Vytra did not lose one key employee or customer and increased their valuation by 30%. 

Our culture change training courses are practical and impactful.  We know that time is limited and valuable, so we have included only the most important concepts to ensure participants are not wasting their time. We know how people within organizations learn and we use proven methodologies to ensure success, all the way from pre-planning, through strategic communication and the creation of messaging, to the encouragement of completion and follow up that drive behavioral change.

The skills cultivated from the EduLeader suite of boutique online training courses will ensure alignment, accountability and a more focused workforce that creates energy and encourages collaboration and innovation within organizations.  For individuals, courses ensure faster and more effective strategic decision making and implementation.  

Our content creators have been Chief People Officers, CHROs, CEOs and presidents of organizations.  They have been senior executives who know what works and how to get things done.  The content has been selected from the best-selling leadership books published by Stuart Levine & Associates, offered in nearly 40 languages throughout the world.

By learning and applying the fundamentals of good business that EduLeader effective meeting management courses provide, participants will be able to compete and navigate with greater success in today’s challenging and complex business environment.