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September 30, 2020

Massive Leadership Challenges

By Stuart R. Levine Published In, Forbes The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on society and the workplace are coinciding with a renewed quest for racial equity. There are two related dynamics at play for leaders to consider: One is […]
June 27, 2019

A Superb Strategy Without The Culture To Support It Leads To Failure

By Stuart R. Levine Published in, Forbes Senior leadership’s continual focus on strategy is fundamental to the operation of business. Still, a brilliant business strategy without the culture to implement it is a fool’s errand. The most important thing that […]
February 25, 2019

Outperform With A Growth Mindset Culture

By Stuart R. Levine Published in Forbes Management guru Peter Drucker reportedly claimed: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, notably updates Drucker with: “ The C in CEO is for curator of culture .” Like Drucker, Nadella recognizes that […]
December 20, 2018

A Succession Plan Where Everybody Wins

By, Stuart R Levine Published in, Forbes   Succession planning is a major challenge for most companies. A recent study by Deloitte Insights (DI) found that although 86% of the leaders they surveyed thought succession planning was urgent or important, […]