Effective Meeting Management

EduLeader’s Effective Meeting Management Program


40%of a manager’s time is
spent in meetings
28%of meetings are considered unnecessary
70%of attendees bring other work to meetings
47%of employees believe there are too many meetings

Did you know that 40% of a manager’s time is spent in meetings and only 39% of meetings achieve their objectives? Many executives observe that up to 50% of the time spent in meetings is wasted. The more meetings employees attend, the more exhausted they feel and the higher they perceive their workload to be.

The best-performing companies and leaders manage time more effectively to boost productivity and increase return on capital, operating margins and revenue growth. Improve your time management, communication, meeting efficiency, and leadership skills with EduLeader’s Effective Meeting Management Program.

Find out if you’re managing meetings effectively.



Harvard Business Review studies reveal that those companies managing time most effectively show an 180% differential in total shareholder return over 10 years compared to other companies in their industries. Time wasted in ineffective meetings decreases productivity, depletes energy and inhibits collaboration.

Facilitating and participating in effective meetings helps to grow revenue and creates a more productive culture, enabling faster strategic decisions, better implementation and greater innovation.

Strengthen your financial results by increasing your individual and organizational competencies around skills that will save time and increase energy, creativity and collaboration throughout the culture.

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“The EduLeader Effective Meeting Management Program has made a huge difference in our culture by saving us valuable time and increasing our efficiency. The EduLeader team is unique in that they were always available to help us every step of the way to ensure successful implementation and completion of the program. Through EduLeader’s post-training data collection, I can see clear improvements in our meeting culture — including an over 35% improvement for meetings that start and end on time and an almost 20% improvement on meetings achieving their objectives. As CEO, I was impressed by and enjoyed the program. 90% of our participants from EJCH, which included executives, senior managers, middle managers and staff, would recommend this program to a colleague or friend.”

Marilyn Margolis, CEO

Emory Johns Creek Hospital

“I would highly recommend EduLeader’s Effective Meeting Management Program to help develop leadership skills for new managers and middle managers and to encourage senior managers to model effective behaviors to create a productive organizational culture. 100% of program participants would recommend EduLeader to a friend or colleague and agreed that the materials taught would help them to be a better meeting participant. The EduLeader team provided excellent support from the program start to finish.”

Lori Spina, Vice President, HR

Catholic Health Services of Long Island